Who doesn't love Elizabeth Taylor? If it's not her violet eyes, then you have to be intrigued by her lengthy string of marriages. That's why when I heard that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was opening an exhibition of photographs from Taylor's first and only trip to Iran, I couldn't help but be excited.

    Pierre Koenig is one of the icons of midcentury architecture in Southern California, especially in the Los Angeles area. Here in Rancho Palos Verde just south of L.A. is a house he designed in the mid-1960s.

Sara Mossman has a simple message for parents worried about their kids' health: Grow your own food. According to Mossman, a designer of edible gardens and home-greening consultant, youngsters who eat the food they grow don't need to worry about obesity (hard to gain weight on a high-veg diet) and are rarely finicky eaters (she claims the problem is getting the food to the kitchen before it goes into small mouths). And if you are worried about aesthetics, her gardens are proof that functional can be pretty.

The seriousness of the San Francisco food scene is expressed by restaurants seemingly one-upping each other on every aspect of the dining experience: We use local produce…We grow our veggies on our roof! Our bar was custom made in Italy…Our plates were hand-thrown in Korea to custom fit each item on the menu! We have art from a local painter on the walls…We have an artist creating art behind you as you eat!

The New World Symphony's orchestral academy designed by Frank Gehry just opened its doors this past January, but it is already generating a great deal of buzz in the design world.

  San Francisco's Cole Valley neighborhood is full of charming old houses and most of them have undergone some sort of renovation. Here's a small one that's perfect for one person—or a very loving couple—that's also almost perfect for entertaining.

When John Favors was a little boy in San Francisco, he started messing around with his grandmother's decorative items and playing in her jewelry box. Later, as a self-described hippie, he became fascinated with everything from rusty cans to antiques while under the influence of mind-altering drugs. I don't know what kind of substance gave him his aesthetic eye, but if it could help me put together a collection like his, I'll have what he's having. He's staging a warehouse sale in Oakland this weekend, and it's the kind of thing scavenging dreams are made of.

  In Agra, India, right around 1650, the Taj Majal was built to honor one man’s eternal love for a woman.  In 2011, another man is building a monument to love for his wife.  In this case the man is Carlos Slim (thought to be the richest man in the world), who is using his vast fortune to erect the Museo Soumaya,

  Once upon a time, typography was considered a critical component of marketing, and in San Francisco, we got a condo project named BLŪ. Here's a look at one of the six three-level penthouses topping BLŪ out.

During Design SF, designers from around the country were on hand to introduce their new collections. We got a personal tour of the De Sousa Hughes showroom from the designers,


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