Some people are addicted to online gambling. Others have a problem with Internet porn. Until recently, my little vice has been shopping on Then an antiques dealer got me hooked on Bond & Bowery. I love this site so much I don't care if I ever get the monkey off my back.

Well, it was only a matter of time before this happened. Interior designer and TV host Kelly Wearstler, the woman who launched a thousand Hollywood Regency wannabes, is expanding into fashion.

Our 2011 CH+D Awards featured ten amazing projects. But let's not forget the party, which was attended by nearly 400 members of of design community (who polished off nearly 50 bottles of Grey Goose vodka, used to make the Blushing Duchess martini in CH+D's signature pink).

March 20 makes Spring official. Time to do some damage control on that storm-ravaged garden. Enter Echo Park-based design outpost Scout Regalia with easy-to-follow DIY cutsheets for how to build a rustic planter table.

I needed to buy some thank you cards the other day and I was disappointed with the corny selection in my small town. Who wants to see a teddy bear holding flowers as a way to say "thank you?" Next time I will know to check out the array of paper goods on Etsy. 

Sometimes, the generic houses built during San Francisco's post-war expansion get renovated via the DIY/Big Box stores. With predictably boring results. Here's an outstanding exception that just came on the market last week, asking $899K

The new collection from Decorative Carpets, Moroccan Journeys, is exotic and exciting. Although they are carpets, it's pretty clear the pieces are inspired by that North African country's tile work. Each one is a riot of color, pattern and design joy.

The collapse of the real estate bubble has affected home prices throughout L.A., but it's made the fate of several mid-century masterpieces especially uncertain. Many of these homes have been on the market for months, sometimes years, and are struggling with multiple price reductions.

Bay Area furniture store, Ruby Livingdesign's best-known upholstery line may have been Mitchell Gold, until now. Their new partnership with Belgian-born Tom Verellen expands the offerings of Verellen Collection's sofas, chairs and beds.

What’s the word? Just look at your pillow. Designers are putting words and messages on everything from chairs to coat hooks. These designs are literally conversation pieces—they speak for themselves.  Everybody needs a little motivation before those Monday morning meetings.


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