While the upcoming show on street art at MOCA is getting all the hype, the curators at the Pasadena Museum of California Art are quietly mounting an exhibition also inspired by the "illegibility and deconstructive nature of graffiti." The show, "Getting Upper: Graphic Designers and Artists Reconsider the Alphabet" is an exhibition of 26 artists' screen printed posters re-imagining a letter of the alphabet.

A pirate's life for me! My mother would've been so confused. When I got in trouble as a kid she sent to my bedroom. But I'm guessing my punishment would've been different if my bedroom had been this one designed by Kuhl Design Build. Who knows, maybe I would've been forced to walk the plank!

Color Pops, the new line of outdoor fabrics from Perennials Fabrics refuses to take itself seriously and brings a punch of fun to the patio.

  In San Francisco, a house can't make up its mind what it wants to be when it grows up. And is full of surprises.

Harkening back to the beautifully rendered political posters of the early 20th century (think: Rosie the Riveter) The Canary Project has produced a wonderful collection of graphic art, called Green Patriot Posters, that draws attention to local food as a core value for a sustainable economy and one that cuts across ideological divides.

  The baby's crib will have to wait—this mobile is meant for grown-ups. Designer Jonathan Adler and Higgins Glass Studio  have come together to create a series of geometric glass mobiles with a punch of color.

Whenever I receive "assembly-required" furniture I am often left with an inordinate amount of nuts and bolts. Either the manufacturer is providing extra hardware or I'm building dangerously unsecured furniture? Either way, I now have a junk drawer full of loose metal bits. I have always assumed that this situation would never change, but I have recently found inspiration in the works of Eco-artist Tammy Roe. Is potential beauty hiding in your junk drawer?

  Sometimes, reducing the price is the key to selling your house. In this case, $3.5M off the top seems to have done trick. With apologies to both Samuel Colerigde and Olivia Newton-John.

I love walking in L.A. Especially in Venice and Santa Monica where the air is clear and the beach is near. I prefer dusk, when the light balance between outdoor and in is just so, and you can peek ‘in’ to the domestic lives of others. Call it the voyeur in me.  

San Francisco has a love/hate relationships with its public buildings. We hated the Transamerica Pyramid when it was being built, and now we can't imagine our city without it. We bemoan erecting taller and taller buildings, but 555 California Street (the second tallest in the city) is a proclaimed favorite. It seems, as with most things in San Francisco, a consensus on beloved architecture is hard to come by.


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