State of Style

This weekend, Compostmodern, the biennial design and sustainability conference created by the San Francisco chapter of  AIGA (the professional association for design), delivered more thought-provoking messages in a day than it would be possible to absorb, without the help of this poem by moderator Alissa Walker.

The name of Judson Beaumont's design workshop, Straight Line Designs, must have been made tongue-in-cheek because as you will see, very few straight lines exist in his custom designed furniture.

  The Cold War was on, Eisenhower and Nixon were in office. The Red Scare was in full swing, especially in Los Angeles, and someone built this house.

Maybe it's all the New Year's resolutions to get fit still floating in the air, maybe it's the NFL playoffs (Go Bears!) or perhaps it's the long awaited return of sunshine outside, but I have been feeling very sporty spice lately.

There's something to be said for minimalist design as an opportunity to get rid of everything. This condo almost requires it, and liberation can finally be yours for $609K.

If a weekend without the Alameda or Candlestick antique shows gives you the sads, chin up. Tonight you can find all those MCM treasures you adore, and you don't even have to dig for them. Just head over to Oakland, where the Modernist Pop-Up Shop will be, um, popping up from 6 to 9pm.

It's going to be perfect road trip weather this weekend, so head north to check out the goods from two lifetimes in one Victorian house near downtown Napa. On sale are the collected households of two women in their nineties; one was a long-time piano teacher the other owned a pawn shop. Need I say more?

The hills of Berkeley are full of hidden mid-century gems. This beautifully restored period house is available for $2.5M.

It's beginning to feel a lot like spring around here, what with the recent spat of lovely warm weather we're having. Another harbinger of the coming season? Colors are popping up everywhere — but it's well before the first spring blooms are scheduled to show.

Voting just kicked off for our latest reader poll: The Best-Designed Restaurant in SF. Our readers nominated 23 spots around the city that they thought deserved the title, and now people are casting their votes on the site through January 30. According to the nominations that I sorted through, the latest additions to the local dining scene are fresh in everyone’s minds, and may give some clues to who will take the title


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