It's no secret that we're big (big!) fans of the handmade tables and lighting from Brandon Morrison of whyrHymer. In fact, his Kalifornia Rocker (above) and the Glass Series No. 4 Lamp  (below) were even featured in our 2010 Annual Hit List.

In West Hollywood, this irresistible mash-up of styles looks like a great place for a party.

The monthly Downtown LA Art Walk is taking place this Thursday, October 13 from 6-10pm. It's one of our favorite events each month and a fantastic opportunity to check out LA's best galleries, new shops, restaurants and more. This month we're especially excited to see TOMS' One for One exhibit, which raises awareness for World Sight Day, which happens to also be October 13.

Capturing the warm and welcoming aesthetic California aesthetic, Poketo's latest line of gardening products are perfect for breathing life into living spaces. The line, all handcrafted in California by local designers, was created with space saving in mind.

We're big fans of adding a little bit of spirit to our homes around the big holidays (think: 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving). But, while we may like to add a little flair, we don't want our home to look like a craft store. Lately, we've been looking for the perfect Halloween accents, so when these gilded pumpkins showed up on our Pinterest feed, we had to know more.

A collective since 2004, LA-based Commune Design provides unconventional and creatives touches to their SoCal projects. 

Like many design fanaticts, we're always on the hunt for pet finds that function as well as the look. Of course, it's easy enough to stash any pet gear to eliminate an eye sore, but once in a while it's nice to be able to drop a leash or collar near the front door without it looking like Petco!

South L.A. isn't well known for its public art, with the exception of Watts Tower. But a site-specific work about to be unveiled at the Martin Luther King Center for Public Health, the first new building to open on the rehabbed Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center campus, may change that.

If you looked at as many real estate listings as we do, you'd find both uninspired landscaping and uninteresting art on the walls. Just not always, we're glad to report.

Yesterday we looked at the upcoming preview for the auction of Elizabeth Taylor's famous jewelry and art collection. While La Liz was never known for her understated appreciation of baubles and bling, the upcoming auction of Norwood Young's belongings make Taylor's taste look positively prim.


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